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Complete Brand Management

9 out of 10 customers price check a product on Amazon before they buy, and 55% of online consumers begin their searches on Amazon. (1) This means that most customers are going to be reviewing your Amazon listing page which includes customer reviews, (unauthorized) sellers, and are price checking your product before they purchase in a brick and mortar store or online.

If Amazon has the potential ​for affecting your sales, it is vital to have experts manage your Amazon presence. This is where Amazon Brand Management comes in.

Through screen sharing, we help you create an Amazon seller account, setup Brand Management and Enhanced Brand Content (3% to 15% increase in sales), and from there you can grant our professionals access to manage your Brand on Amazon. The best part is you get to sell directly to the customer while we handle brand protection, customer service, increase traffic, increase conversion, and review optimization. 

Brand Protection:

We have obtained documents from ecommerce specialized attorneys and have developed Standard Operating Procedures to help identify unauthorized sellers and removes the liability of the damage they create.

Traffic and Conversion:

Not only do we create the perfect listing that recreates an in-store customer experience with life style shots, descriptions and bullet points that customers can relate to, we also use specialized software to increase traffic and conversion. Our software focuses on attracting the right customer to the listing to increase conversion based on Amazon's A9 algorithm which can dramatically increase organic sales. We also advertise through PPC, and social media, and we monitor inventory levels and reorder on a monthly basis.

24/7 Customer Service

We know how important your brand means to you. We handle everything else including customer service so you can have more time to focus on your brand.

Manage and Organize

Amazon sellers are known to create unauthorized listings for the same product while using poor images and descriptions. We will continually monitor your listings and protect your brand. We also will combine listing variations so that customers can easily find what they are looking for.


We can research and implement an Amazon Advertising Campaign in order increase your brand awareness and sales. We have developed an effective marketing strategy to advertise different keywords in order to gather data on what drives the most traffic to your product listing. This method allows us to increase overall sales significantly and create a better image for your products.

1 year contract

We charge a monthly fee based on the percentage agreed upon from revenue sales. 

Free Amazon Report

Please contact us today to learn about all the many more services we provide. We also provide a free detailed report for how we would improve your brand image, awareness and protection on Amazon.

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