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Why Choose

SGK Market?

We do not overload our employees with so many contracts that they can barely spend 5 minutes a day on each brand! Your brand is your baby, and we treat it with time and commitment. This means that your professional team will answer the phone when you call, reply to your e-mails in a timely manner. Your professional team will also monitor your brand daily on Amazon (even on weekends), and if you want something changed on Amazon, our team will immediately begin working on that change!  



We know how important your brand is to you! We can help create and manage your Amazon seller account so you sell directly to the customer.


No more worrying about; 

- sellers breaking MAP and hurting your brand image,

- unauthorized sellers selling your product (They could be selling counterfeit products using your brand name which can lead to lawsuits!)

- the complexities of everything that comes with Amazon (keyword research, listing enhancements, advertising, customer feedback enhancement, etc.)


We make it simple for you depending on yours needs. We will buy your products and sell them for you. 


Additionally, we will:

- Prepare your products so they are compliant with Amazon's policies.

- Create and optimize your product listings.

- Protect your brand from counterfeit sellers and other unauthorized sellers.

- Create marketing campaigns that we pay for ourselves.

- Bundle your products in order to increase sales.


If you are overwhelmed with the amount of data from Amazon and want someone to create you a report on a given category, product, or even upcoming trends or niches, we can help!

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